Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010

Top News of the Day

Human Rights Lawyers on Defense in China
Time, April 23, 2010,8599,1983765,00.html

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Judicial Authorities Target Lawyers, Eroding Rule of Law

Human Rights in China, April 22, 2010

律师吊照门听证 场内外同演公权枉法 (Supporters of the Lawyers Facing License Revocation Taken away by Police; Supporting Lawyers, Rights Defenders Put under Tight Surveillance)
Radio Free Asia, April 22, 2010


Bilateral Ties
US, China to Hold Human Rights Dialogue
China Daily, April 23, 2010

綁廠內十小時 民工子女如坐監 (Migrant Workers Tie Their Children to Factory Gate for 10 Hours Every Day)
Oriental Daily, April 23, 2010

黄光裕案本周四开庭审理 (No Verdict Yet in China Tycoon's Bribery Case)
Radio Free Asia, April 22, 2010

Two Dead, 8,870 Evacuated in S China Flood
China Daily, April 23, 2010

China: Snow Snarls Recovery
New York Times, April 23, 2010

Human Rights Defender - Tan Zuoren (
谭作人二审 律师申请李鹏作证 (Lawyers Want Then-Premier Li Peng, Other Former Chinese Leaders to Testify at Second Trial for Tan Zuoren)
Radio Free Asia, April 22, 2010

Microsoft Wins Chinacourt Battleover Piracy of Software
Financial Times, April 23, 2010

China Goes into Quake Coverage Overdrive
Financial Times, April 23, 2010

China Military Paper Spells out Nuclear Arms Stance
Reuters, April 23, 2010

Protests and Petitions
云南宣传官员演讲遭抗议 被扔五毛纸币 (Man Throws 50-cent Banknotes to Protest a Speech by Yunnan's Propaganda Official at People’s University in Beijing)
Net Ease, April 22, 2010

Public Health
Regulations Issued to Tighten Supervision of Food Additives
China Daily, April 23, 2010

Lawmakers Clash over PRC Students
Taipei Times, April 22, 2010