Thursday, December 27, 2012


China’s Boom Bangs Up Coral Reefs
Agence France-Presse, December 28, 2012


网络非法删帖背后的生意经 (Business Logic behind Illegal Deletion of Online Posts)
China Youth Daily, December 24, 2012


深圳港资电子厂易手四千工人堵路维权 (Shenzhen: 4K Factory Workers Protest to Defend Their Rights)
Radio Free Asia, December 27, 2012

北京最低工資加11.1% (Beijing Minimum Wage to Increase 11.1%)
Ming Pao, December 28, 2012北京最低工資加11-1-055324967.html

Land Policy

Land Reform: Home of Communist Revolution Flattens Hills to Expand
Want China Times, December 28, 2012

四川省发生两起强拆事件 (Two Forced Demolitions in Sichuan) Radio Free Asia, December 27, 2012

Migrant Workers

李克强九江调研:农民工变市民要解决住房问题 (Li Keqiang: Housing Issues Must Be Resolved for Migrant Workers to Become Urban Residents)
Caijing, December 28, 2012


China Seizes TVs, Satellite Equipment in Tibetan Area
Reuters, December 27, 2012